Programme A - Inspiring people to connect to our beautiful UK seas - Katherine Davis (WWF)
Our seas are amazing, and teaming with life.  But many people feel disconnected from them, for a number of reasons from the overuse of technical language to misconceptions over what lives in British seas. There are vast benefits to engaging the public in marine conservation. The success of Blue Planet II shows people care about the sea, when engaged in the right way. We’re working to inspire and excite local communities to develop a sense of stewardship towards the marine environment on their doorstep, and the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves. We’ll use innovative new approaches, working at a local level and involving real people who use the sea to drive this change. We’ll work in partnership with local organisations to really understand the community, to help us develop a range of new techniques to connect with local people in a fresh and exciting way.

Programme B - CSI of the Sea: facilitated dissection events for the public - Charlotte Coales (Zoological Society of London)
‘CSI of the Sea’ showcases the work of the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme, giving audiences the opportunity to witness a cetacean dissection taking place in real-time and ask their questions to the scientists involved. Find out how and why these events were first developed, the lessons that have been learned along the way, and how this format of event can provide an important opportunity to communicate the science of our oceans.

Programme C - From bookmarks to a film: promotional tools of the EMODnet Data ingestion Portal - Kelle Moreau (RBINS)
This presentation takes you from the promotion and dissemination plan of the Data Ingestion Portal of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) to the resulting tools and the lessons learned. By describing the realised communication and dissemination actions, we illustrate how a wide range of options were explored and successfully adopted, from a ‘quick’ teaser in the form of a series of bookmarks, to leaflets, roll-up infographics, and ultimately a promotional animation film.