Registration Opening has been postponed until 7 August 2020.

Due to COVID-19 the organisers have made the decision to hold CommOCEAN2020 as an online event. There will be a charge to attend, at a reduced amount to previous conferences, the details of which will be released in due course.

We are seeking abstract submissions within the following categories:

  • 12 min oral online presentation on (marine) science communication activities, 
  • 1-hour interactive online training/ workshop on (advanced) communication skills building or on (marine) science communication, 
  • “Show and Tell” visuals presenting (marine) science communication activities.


Online Oral Presentations

Submit an abstract for a 12-minute presentation on (marine) science communication activities, such as an example of effective communications in practice. 

Several presentations (maximum 3) will be grouped in 1-hour moderated sessions, grouped by topic, allowing Q&A and in-depth discussion.

Non-successful submissions will be invited to present their activities at the “Show and Tell” exhibition.

Please note:
CommOCEAN is primarily a science communication conference, but we welcome abstract submissions from researchers about their current marine science research, especially if they are able to show the ways it is being communicated. This could be the perfect opportunity to test a presentation on a public audience. We will be particularly interested to see presentations delivered in novel ways.  

Presentation Category

  • Communications Skills Building – Presentation about a specific communication skill or technique such as blogging, video making or infographics.
  • Communication insights – A presentation looking at the broader landscape of communications such as influencing behavior change, social media habits by different generations or using research to influence objectives.
  • Marine Science communication in practice – Case studies of marine science communication activities and their outcomes, marine science themes and how to approach communicating them, working with journalists and programme makers.

Online Workshop or Training sessions

We welcome submissions for organizing 1 hour long hands-on, interactive, online sessions, for up to 12 participants. 

We are looking for workshop and interactive training sessions covering communications techniques and platforms, which are focused specifically on our audience of marine scientists and communicators. We expect sessions dedicated to such topics as: How to build a proper science message, and tailor it to a specific audience? How to tell a science story, how to use an online tool, how to deal with media enquiries, etc.

In addition, we welcome submissions for workshops, such as World Café style workshop, with defined expected outcomes (e.g. recommendations, actions), such as the last edition’ session entitled Using the Plastic Debate as a Catalyst for Ocean Literacy, which produced this graphic outcome. 

“Show and Tell” exhibition

Visuals presenting (marine) science communication activities will be available to view throughout the conference in an online gallery. We welcome up to 3-minute poster presentations/films/presentation-video submissions. The more creative, the better! These should be either:

  • A visual presenting the outcomes of a research (or other) project or initiative in a creative way (as part of a communication campaign); or 

  • A poster showing the evaluation of a communications campaign containing information about what was done, and how effective it was.

There will be an award for the best example of each, as voted by the conference delegates.