MY WORLD by Zella Compton and Tom Guyer retells the story of St George and the Dragon from the perspective of sea creatures making sacrifices to a monster. The show is performed by Mayflower Youth Theatre.

Originally commissioned for a mass choir performance at the Royal Albert Hall by Hampshire Music Service, My World is a mini-musical that raises awareness of some of the challenges facing the oceans by anthropomorphising sea creatures.  It uses three barnacles to raise themes such as individual responsibility, actions, placation and power. And, it uses music and humour to engage audiences in the story telling, encouraging them to think about the oceans from a different viewpoint.

Much of Compton’s work is politically thematic, with previous topics including media portrayal of women (How to be a Girl), and the plight of interns (Ambition). As MY WORLD is written for children to watch and / or perform the balance between storytelling, and motivating action, was particularly challenging within potentially dark subject matter.

MY WORLD is dedicated to Alice Moore.