Programme A - Engaging audiences with a fun and friendly newsletter: The little Blue Letter Story, Glen Wright (IDDRI)
Little Blue Letter is "a splash of uplifting ocean stuff, lovingly curated by young ocean leaders and shipped straight to your inbox every Friday". Since launching in October 2017, this quirky newsletter’s regular dose of positive and pragmatic ocean news and views has attracted a dedicated following of over 600 subscribers. This talk will share ideas and insight for building a successful newsletter and suggest how the “Tiny Letter” model may be used for effective marine science communication.

Programme B - How to engage new users through communication & outreach? The examples of EMODnet & the European Atlas of the Seas - Andrée-Anne Marsan (EMODnet)
The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) sits in an increasingly complex marine data and information sharing landscape. This complexity is confusing, off-putting and limits both the visibility and the usability of EMODnet. This presentation will illustrate how EMODnet has overcome this limit through four examples (an updated visual identity, the EMODnet for business campaign, the EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon and partnerships with schools & institutions). This presentation will also focus on the communication actions around the release of the new European Atlas of the seas.

Programme C - Aurora – A princess? A Russian cruiser? Or a natural phenomenon? Perception of Arctic issues among people of different ages in Poland - Izabele Kotynska-Zielinska (Today We Have)
Perception of Arctic issues among people of different ages in Poland is a complicated matter. Public events, with “sexy” titles, presented by interesting people, preferably, those who have been “there” are the key elements for communication.