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CommOCEAN 2016 - Bruges & Ostend, Belgium


The conference took place on December 6-7, 2016. It comprised four major sessions, addressing some big challenges of marine science communication. Each session was initiated by a key-note communication expert in the field and by a top marine science key-note with proven communication skills.

From there, the various topics were further developed through oral presentations* (12 minutes + a 3-minute Q&A session, themed sessions and interactive workshops (both 60 minutes), based on a call for abstracts. Additionally, there was an interactive poster session and various side activities designed to stimulate active engagement of the conference participants.

*Programme overview:

  • Session 1: The Fundamentals of Science Communication - Reaching out to the public

On targeting your audience, audience segmentation, community marketing with contributions on best practices in communicating towards policy-makers, the wider public, the media; on didactics of public outreach, how to write publications, how to address a specific group, etc.

  • Session 2: Optimising Impact

On how to measure/maximize the impact of your communication & on website use/search engine optimization; on the incentives to communicate your scientific work and how to upgrade it.

  • Session 3: Social Media & Graphics

On how to share your results and visuals in the most effective way.

  • Session 4: Think Outside of The Box, New Formats & Creativity

On how you can learn creative thinking (mind mapping,…); on new formats dealing with art, citizen science and the media.